Northampton Saints Supporters’ Club, Coach Travel Terms and Conditions

1) Passengers are asked to comply with the following terms and conditions while travelling on the coaches hired by the Northampton Saints Supporters’ Club (from now on “Supporters’ Club”).

2) Each coach will be stewarded by a Supporters’ Club representative. The stewards assist with the safety of passengers, and you are asked to follow any instructions they may give.

3) By law, smoking is not permitted on coaches, and anyone ignoring this may be ejected from the coach. The use of electronic cigarettes (“Vaping”) onboard coaches is not permitted by our provider.

4) Passengers are requested to dispose of litter in the bags provided and to keep the area around their seat clean and tidy. Please make sure that bottles, cans and cups are empty before putting them in the bags so as to prevent leakages. Please inform the steward of any spillage, or if more bags are required.
5) Items are left on the coach at the owner’s risk. The Supporters’ Club and the coach operator will not be liable for lost or stolen property.

6) It is your responsibility to collect all of your belongings at the end of your journey.

7) Any passenger who is unwell on the coach will be responsible for any cleaning costs imposed by the coach operator. Depending on the circumstances, that passenger may be refused travel in the future.

8) Longer distance trips will include comfort stops, but where these take place is decided by the coach driver rather than the Supporters’ Club stewards. In some cases, these will be at such times as to fit in with the driver’s legally required rest breaks.

9) The Supporters’ Club will not allow unaccompanied minors to travel on coaches. Those travelling on the coaches must behave in an acceptable manner, or they may be refused travel in the future.

10) The Supporters’ Club will not tolerate the following behaviour:
Foul, abusive, threatening or unacceptable language or actions;
The taking part in any chanting of an indecent, obscene, racist, homophobic or discriminatory nature;
Acts detrimental to, or likely to be detrimental to, the Saints Supporters’ Club.
Passengers behaving in such a manner may be ejected from the coach and will not be permitted to travel in the future. The Supporters’ Club will also consider a ban on purchasing coach tickets for any future fixtures in these circumstances.

11) Coaches will depart promptly at times advertised in advance, or in on-board announcements. This is to ensure arrival in good time at the destination and to keep within the driver’s permitted working hours.
Passengers are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before the departure time. We will make every effort to contact late-running passengers by mobile phone, but regret that we cannot take responsibility for their welfare if they do not arrive on time for departure.

12) If you are disabled and require wheelchair assistance, please inform the Supporters’ Club at the time of booking so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the coach operator on your behalf.

13) If you have any questions about travelling on the Supporters’ Club coaches, please contact us at .