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Constitution of the Saints Supporters’ Club

Constitution of the Saints Supporters’ Club


The Club shall mean the board members; management and players of Northampton Saints Rugby Football Club PLC.

The Committee shall mean those paid up members elected by the membership from time to time as provided herein.

The Members/ The Membership shall mean those who have paid the annual membership fee of the Saints Supporters Club.

Saints Supporters Club shall be abbreviated as SSC and/ or The Supporters Club.


1.1. To serve the interests of the Members of the Supporters Club.

1.2. To actively liaise with the Club, in order to foster constructive co-operation, dialogue and mutual understanding.

1.3. To endeavour to facilitate an increase in attendance at home and away fixtures.

1.4. To support all of the players and teams who represent the Club both on and off the field.

1.5. To organise and participate in charitable fund raising and social events.

1.6. To liaise with the Club to improve the social facilities for the supporters.


2.1. The Committee will comprise of thirteen members elected by the membership. The Committee may recommend to the membership to increase or reduce the size of the Committee as it deems necessary so as to enable it to best serve the interest of the membership.

2.2. The Committee will consist of the following Officers:

2.2.1 President – A Honorary post, with no voting rights

2.2.2 Chairman

2.2.3 Vice Chairman

2.2.4 Secretary

2.2.5 Treasurer

2.2.6 Membership Secretary

2.2.7. 8 Ordinary Members, who will share responsibility for marketing, merchandising, publications and social events. The SSC representative to the National Rugby Supporters Association will be an ex-officio member of the Committee.

2.3. Each Committee member shall have one vote, except the Chairman, who, in the event of a split vote, has an additional casting vote.

2.4. No Member can hold more than one Officer position, apart from in exceptional circumstances. In such an event, the additional Post must be relinquished at the earliest opportunity when a suitable replacement can be found.

2.5. The Committee may at its discretion co-opt assistance from the membership to assist with special events and/or projects. Co-opted members of the Committee, or and subcommittee, shall have no voting rights.

2.6. The Chairman shall serve for a minimum of two full years, with the option of serving a further term of two years if voted on by the Membership. The Chairman would then be required to stand down for twelve months before standing for election to the post again. The outgoing Chairman may still serve on the Committee as either an Officer or Ordinary Member.

2.7. The Officers of the Committee shall serve for a minimum of two years and Ordinary members of the Committee shall serve for a minimum of one year unless otherwise challenged by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meeting or resign.

2.7.1 A Member must serve at least 1 full continuous year as a Committee Member before standing for an Officer position, except in exceptional circumstances

2.8. To facilitate the efficient working of the Committee, the Chairman, Treasurer and Membership Secretary will be elected in alternate years to the Vice Chairman and Secretary. This rule will commence from the AGM of 2006.

2.9. Any Committee member wishing to resign must do so in writing to either the Secretary or Chairman.

2.10. A quorum of the Committee shall consist of not less than four Members, including no less than one Officer. A quorum may discuss matters of no or low financial implications to the SSC, otherwise it must be put to the full Committee. Decisions or resolutions made by a quorum will be subject to ratification by the full Committee at the next scheduled meeting.

2.11. A full Committee will consist of at least 9 Members, including at least 3 Officers.

2.12. Committee meetings shall take place on the last Thursday of each month, unless otherwise agreed, after which a written report of its discussions will be available to the Membership, by written request.

2.13. The Committee will meet regularly with the Club after which the Committee will provide a written report to be made available to the Membership.

2.14. In the event of the non-attendance of any Officer or Ordinary member of the Committee at three or more consecutive meetings, the Committee may invite an explanation and after consideration of the explanation provided and at its sole discretion, may subsequently call for the resignation of the defaulting member

2.15. A list of SSC Members willing to serve on the Committee will be kept by the Secretary. These will be co-opted on to the Committee, by the Committee if any posts become available between AGMs, at the sole discretion of the Committee and will have full voting rights. A co-opted Member will be subject to Membership votes at the next AGM as normal.

2.16. Any Member of the SSC who wants to register their interest to serve on the Committee must make an application in writing to the Secretary.


3.1. Membership of the Supporters Club will be open to any supporter of Northampton Saints Rugby Club on payment of the annual subscription fee.

3.2. There will be two categories of membership, full membership for those aged 16 years and above at 1st August; and junior membership for those aged less than 16 years at 1st August. Full members will be entitled to serve on the Committee; nominate or second a candidate/s for election; and vote at the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meeting of the Supporters’ Club. Junior members will not be entitled to serve on the committee, nominate or second candidate/s or enjoy voting rights.

3.3. The annual subscription fee for membership of the Supporters’ Club will be determined by the Committee from time to time and will be proposed to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

3.4. Payment of the annual subscription fee will become due on 1st August and shall be paid by 31st October at the latest. Any member in default of payment of the annual subscription by 31st December will be deemed to have relinquished his/her membership of the Supporters’ Club. The prompt payment of subscription fees is encouraged, as these are required for the administration of the Supporters’ Club including but not limited to the production of publications and the organisation of social events.

3.5. The financial year-end for the accounts of the Supporters’ Club shall be 31st May.

3.6. Audited accounts will be circulated prior to the commencement of, and reported upon, at the Annual General meeting of the Supporters’ Club.

3.7. The Committee will have the power, after full consideration of all of the circumstances and facts arising, at its sole discretion to caution and/or expel any member/s whose actions, behaviour, conduct, and/or deeds are deemed to be contrary to the objectives of the Supporters’ Club. Any such decision will be communicated to the member/s concerned in writing.

3.8. Any member/s expelled from the Supporters’ Club will have no entitlement to a refund of his/her membership fee in whole or in part.


4.1. It will be the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that the Supporters’ Club is adequately represented at meetings of the National Rugby Supporters’ Association and that it plays a full part in its decisions and discussions. The Supporters’ Club representative will provide a written report of the decisions and discussions to the Committee which will be circulated to the membership.


5.1. The Annual General Meeting of the Supporters’ Club will take place during the month of July, unless the prevailing circumstances are such as not to permit this. In the event that the Annual General Meeting cannot be held the Committee will give notice to the membership in writing. However, in any event, no more than 15 months shall normally elapse between one Annual General Meeting and the next.

5.2. The Committee will give notice in writing of the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting not less than 21 days prior to the meeting.

5.3. Any Agenda items for consideration at the Annual General Meeting will be lodged, in writing, with the Secretary, or a nominated Committee Officer, not less than 7 days before the date of the meeting.

5.4. Any nominations for the Committee, which will be signed by both the Proposer and the Seconder, and must be lodged with the Honorary Secretary, or a nominated Committee Officer, not less than 7 days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.


6.1. The committee may at their discretion call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Supporters’ Club at any time.

6.2. A minimum of 50 members of the Supporters’ Club who sign a motion to that effect which will specify the issue to which discussion will be confined may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Supporters’ Club at any time.

6.3. In the event an Extraordinary General Meeting is called, notice of the date, venue, and the issue to which discussion will be confined shall be delivered in writing not less than 21 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting.

6.4. If members of the Supporters’ Club call for an Extraordinary General Meeting they shall give notice in writing to the Secretary


7.1. In the event of the dissolution of the Saints Supporters’ Club, any income or property remaining will be devoted to Clubs or Societies with similar aims and objectives, and/or to a charitable purpose associated with the Club.


8.1. The Constitution of the Supporters’ Club can only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, and subject to two-thirds of the members attending voting in favour at any such meeting.