Important message re coaches


Our proud boast is that we run coaches to all Aviva away matches and mainland (and sometimes Irish) matches. However, the Supporters Club is not immune to the current stresses and strains facing our members and coach travellers. Getting the right size and quantity of coaches to away games is a balancing act, This year we have seen an

increase in bookings deferred until the last minute. , and we have had to disappoint some travellers, and on occasion, at the last minute get an unsuitable coach for the distance. It is really important that you book early for coaches, as we will be closing them MUCH EARLIER. Due to a downturn in bookings, we have had to put on a 20 seat coach for Saracens, and we are now disappointing some who wish to book -the week of the match. While Saracens is is a bit of an anomaly, we had similar problems with the Harlequins coach. We are asking you Please, Please book as early as possible for the coaches in order to avoid disappointment. It is easy to book on this site, please don’t leave it until the last minute at the SSC table in the Rodber, one day it may not be there! You don’t necessarily need a Paypal account or a credit card, you can pay by bank transfer! (members ONLY can pay for members tickets by cheque on the day, but they must book)
So the Request is – BOOK EARLY, BOOK OFTEN